TATAMO! Mission

TATAMO! will happily reconstruct the goodness of Japan through the traditional Japanese culture of tatami and tea. We will also share the wonderfulness of natural materials with people all over the world.

Bringing Japanese rush into your life

TATAMO! utilizes high quality domestic rush
We provide products with rich design.

The quality of tatami mat is determined by the rush. 90% of the rushes used for tatami mats are from China, but at TATAMO!, rushes grown by Kumamoto prefecture in Japan growers with reduced pesticides are used. I dare to use rush, which is usually incinerated because it is too short, it cannot be used for ordinary tatami mats Therefore, all TATAMO! Tatami mat are small.

"Tatami" is disappearing from the place of urban life due to changes in the living environment. In addition, the number of domestic rush growers who produce high-quality rush is rapidly decreasing due to imports.

"Tatami" is a natural material that originally fits Japanese life.
TATAMO! makes the tatami time that was stopped now progressive and energizes the community surrounding tatami.
The future of rush will lead to the future of our rich lifestyle. We hope that you can use a small tatami mat made of real rush as a device that connects us with nature.
Tatami is a gift and message from nature to us.

Production model of TATAMO!


Three things you want to know about rush

Culture and history of rush

Rush tatami mats have been closely associated with Japanese life since the Heian period. After that, it became an indispensable presence in many Japanese cultures such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and martial arts. It can be said that rush has cultivated Japanese spirituality and aesthetic sense beyond mere function.

Declining domestic rush growers

It is not well known that more than 90% of the tatami mat on the Japanese market are imported from China. Most of the domestic rushes are produced by farmers in the Yatsushiro region in Kumamoto prefecture Japan, but in recent years the number of farmers has decreased by 10% every year, which has become a serious problem.

Utilization of rush

Rush is known for its elastic texture and many other benefits besides the pleasant scent of rush. The layer of air contained in tatami mat has the property of not transmitting heat easily, so it softens the heat and prevents the cold. It also has a moisture absorption and desorption property that absorbs moisture on high humidity days and releases that moisture on dry days to regulate the humidity in the air.

TEA TATAMO! as a community to enjoy the deliciousness of Japanese tea

The tea handled by TEA TATAMO! is made from pesticide-free cultivated tea leaves from Shizuoka prefecture, which is produced by NODOKA, a brand specializing in organic Japanese tea powder.

You can enjoy the harmony of sweetness, umami, and astringency that only "Ichibancha" the first plucked tea has. In addition, since the tea is grown naturally, you can enjoy the whole nutritional ingredients as well as the deliciousness.

TEA TATAMO! offers sencha, roasted tea, genmaicha, matcha straight tea, and latte made with organic milk.

Tatami benches are installed inside and outside the store so that you can come in to contact with nature. Please enjoy the gift from the nature such as tatami mat and Japanese tea.

"Wabi-Sabi" is a word that is represented by the spirit of the tea ceremony. "Sabi" means the beauty of being lonely, dirty, chipped, or weaving over time. "Wabi" is the heart that accepts loneliness, dirt, and aging, enjoys it, and thinks it is beautiful. The attitude that humans and nature work together to create something is an important concept of "Wabi-Sabi".

At TEA TATAMO!, we value the spirit of "Wabi-Sabi" and want to build a tea community that suits the modern senses with many people.

Photo courtesy of NODOKA